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Fair Work Australia (FWA) has ruled that a worker, who brought his unfair dismissal claim late because his attempts to file through the FWA website failed, qualified for the “exceptional circumstances” test for granting an extension of time under s 394(3) of the Fair Work Act 2009 (FW Act). .......Read More.

The Australian Industry Group (AiG) has intervened in the government’s appeal against a recent Fair Work Australia (FWA) decision that found that individual flexibility arrangements (IFAs) in workplace laws cannot be used to vary the terms of an enterprise agreement. ........Read More

A Full Bench of Fair Work Australia (FWAFB) has confirmed that the dismissal of an employee was fair after a tracking device revealed that he exceeded the speed limit 24 times during a single trip while driving the company truck. ....Read More

The Federal Government, in partnership with the industry, will co-fund almost 11,000 extra training places for existing employees in small, medium and large businesses to boost skills in high demand. ......Read More

An employer was fined $95,000 after the NSW IR Commission found that it failed to act on the recommendations of a commissioned risk assessment after an employee’s finger was partially amputated. .......Read More

The general protection provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) have been the subject of much discussion and conjecture, particularly with respect to the broadening of rights of employees. In the absence of case law, the extent to which the provisions may have broadened employee rights has been unknown. Now, in the first decision under these provisions an employer’s investigation of alleged employee misconduct and subsequent requirement to show cause has been upheld and found not to be adverse action..........Read More 





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From 1 January 2010 there were important changes in Australia’s workplace laws that affect all employers and employees.


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